Daytime Leather

Leather in the summer? No way. Fashion is not about breaking the rules. It’s about bending them to your advantage. If you have the urge to wear leather in the summer, do it! IFB’s Project# 106 inspired this post.

There is something alluring and badass about leather. I remember fantasizing about wearing a leather outfit in my Buffy days (see photo below) but I couldn’t pull it off cause I’m a “nice girl”. The look below changed my mind. There is an appropriate way to wear leather without feeling like you are wearing a costume and I am going to tell you how.

Rules for leather (in the summer):
1. Keep it classy, boo. Balance out the sexy aspect of leather with a casual piece. A chunky sweater works well in the Autumn. In the summer you want to turn to your favorite white tee. If you are showing your legs in a skirt or shorts, a simple top will keep the look classy. If you are wearing a leather peplum top then wearing a silky skirt will tone down the biker chick vibe. Unless that’s what you are going fo 😉

2. Color. Color. Color. Black leather can be a bit harsh for daytime. Trying mustard yellow or green gives leather a fun twist. If you are going the color route, don’t forget to keep accessories simple. You want your leather piece to be the focal point of your outfit.

3. Confidence is key. Leave the doubts at home and rock your leather outfit. You deserve to shine! If leather clothes is too much then start off with accessories!

Leather in the Summer

Buffy days: Sophisticated Bad Ass. She rocked it!
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