Daytime Leather

Leather in the summer? No way. Fashion is not about breaking the rules. It’s about bending them to your advantage. If you have the urge to wear leather in the summer, do it! IFB’s Project# 106 inspired this post.

There is something alluring and badass about leather. I remember fantasizing about wearing a leather outfit in my Buffy days (see photo below) but I couldn’t pull it off cause I’m a “nice girl”. The look below changed my mind. There is an appropriate way to wear leather without feeling like you are wearing a costume and I am going to tell you how.

Rules for leather (in the summer):
1. Keep it classy, boo. Balance out the sexy aspect of leather with a casual piece. A chunky sweater works well in the Autumn. In the summer you want to turn to your favorite white tee. If you are showing your legs in a skirt or shorts, a simple top will keep the look classy. If you are wearing a leather peplum top then wearing a silky skirt will tone down the biker chick vibe. Unless that’s what you are going fo 😉

2. Color. Color. Color. Black leather can be a bit harsh for daytime. Trying mustard yellow or green gives leather a fun twist. If you are going the color route, don’t forget to keep accessories simple. You want your leather piece to be the focal point of your outfit.

3. Confidence is key. Leave the doubts at home and rock your leather outfit. You deserve to shine! If leather clothes is too much then start off with accessories!

Leather in the Summer

Buffy days: Sophisticated Bad Ass. She rocked it!
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Summer Survival 101

summer essentials, bb cream, dr. jart, bright lipstick, leopard sunglasses, fun, chambray dress, necessities, staying cool in summer heat, fun, lifestyle, spontaneous quotes, attitudeSummer is brutal in New York City. There I’ve said it. I am not a big fan of the humidity and I am not afraid to admit that Summer is not my favorite season. Not even second favorite. However, I must admit there is something whimsical about summer. Even if you have a 9-5 job or attend summer school, you are enticed to spend your days full of laughter without a care in the world.

Wearing dresses is my absolute favorite thing about summer. They are simple, comfortable and have the ability to make you look like a sun goddess without much effort.

Here a few of my summer must haves. Wherever you are, I hope these essentials help keep you stay cool and comfy during those unbearable summer days.

1. Bright Lipstick – you can not go wrong with a bright lip during summer. It brightens your complexion with little to no effort.

2. Summer time calls for as little clothing as possible to avoid sweaty bras and sticky thighs (we’ve all been there!). How can you look summer cute when you want to avoid as much material possible? You could wear shorts and a tee but that is boring. Opt for a chambray dress like the one above. You can dress it up for work or keep it simple for weekend shenanigans. If you don’t like wearing dresses, find what makes you happy while sticking to breathable fabrics.

3. Fun glasses. Leopard shades are my ultimate favorite. They are fun and pair well with everything. Also, try to find shades that block 100% UVA and UVB rays to protect your beautiful eyes.

4. BB Cream. I like makeup but I tend to keep it simple. BB creams have many advantages. It’s like a tinted moisturizer with added benefits. My summer beauty routine usually consists of Cetaphil, Neutrogena Naturals Multi Vitamin Moisturizer and Dr. Jart’s BB Cream. I’ve tried many BB creams from both drugstores and department stores. Dr. Jart’s is worth it. It is light weight, gives sheer to medium coverage and perfect for my combination skin. Of all BB creams I’ve tried, this one has not made me break out.

5. Last and definitely not least, a spontaneous attitude is vital to enjoying a fun, memorable summer. Summer is full of opportunity. You have to be open minded and  jump in! 🙂


Summer Wishes

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Central Park blossom

I can’t believe June has arrived.  I’ve never been a fan of summer.  Mostly because NYC humidity makes me want to lock myself in an air conditioned room and refuse to come out until I see Autumn leaves.   When you think of summer, you tend to think of the beach, bbqs, vacation, refreshing cocktails.  When I think of summer, I think of humidity, sweating before getting to the subway and having to work while everyone else seems to be off to the beach.  Damn, that sounds bleak.  I refuse to be the Grinch of Summer this year.  I am going to try to fill this summer with fun experiences and unforgettable memories.  That includes saying yes to invitations during the work week especially if I want to go home and relax in front of my ac.  I am too young hopeful  to place limits on myself as I described in my previous post.

Summer wishlist:

 Attend a free outdoor movie screening

 Buy a fresh bouquet of flowers (peonies are my fave)

 Create a fairy garden

 Visit a beer garden

 Enjoy sunrise while enjoying a cup of coffee

 Outdoor photoshoot

 Cancun vacation

 Finally visit Ms. Liberty (reopens July 4)

 Wear colorful, flowy skirts and dresses


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Vermont Fresh

On my second visit to Vermont, I did three things I’ve never done before: kayaking, miniature golf (I won) and went to an outdoor movie theater.  Taking a break from the humid city was a fantastic idea.  I never have phone service up there so I had a break from technology.  The view and fresh air was breath-taking.   Read my previous post about self care:

Cosmopolitan ingredients
We were greeted by this deelish cocktail

Amazing view from the kitchen

big chunk of cheese

Nice cow, please don’t bite me

Pig race

Vermont State Fair

waiting for breakfast

home bound
This was the highlight of my summer.  What was yours??

The Wallet: My favorite accessory

I change wallets like I change underwear.  Okay, not that often but you get the drift.  Anytime I need a little fashion variation in my life buying a wallet is a lot less expensive than buying a purse.  Here are a few wallets I’m loving for summer:

                                                                          Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

Fossil Handbag, Maddox Zip Clutch
                                                                                    Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

Candy Store Wallet $18, available in bubblegum pink, cherry red, peppermint blue, grape purple (shown here) and licorice black

                                                                                      Source: via Kayla on Pinterest
Urban Expressions Hope Quilted wallet, $26.95, available in turquoise (shown here), black and beige
                                                                                  Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

        Leather Zip Coin Purse, $24 

How often do you change your wallet??

NYC Heat Wave Summer Essentials: Dresses under $25

If you’ve been in New York the last few days you will most definitely empathize with not knowing what to wear on a scorching summer day.  Honestly, I’ve contemplated moving to a cooler climate because the heat and humidity makes me irritable.  Okay, I’m leaving Exaggeration Station (ES) now…

Below you’ll find some cute, airy dresses you can wear to keep you cool during the summer months.  I’m definitely stocking up on these…

Polka Dot Slit Halter Dress $17.80 @ Forever 21
This dress is for the retro gal in you.  You can’t get any airy-er than a halter top.  Pair with flats, wedges or heels to dress up.
Sleeveless Lace Dress $24.99 @ H&M
This lightweight dress is perfect for summer days.  This is definitely on my want list.  Available in colors: mint (shown here), black and white.  I want all three!  
Ruffled Racerback Dress $8.80 @ Forever 21
This is a super steal of a dress!  It’s lightweight, colorful and girly.  Available in Coral (shown here), Grey and  Midnight Blue.
Marlene Dress from $48 to now $15 @
The print, color and texture is great for summer.  Keep accessories simple to show off the greatness of this dress.  
Which dress was your favorite??