Read This If You Want To Be A Valuable Friend


We all have that friend who has no filter, is cheap when the bill comes, judges when her/his life is just as in shambles as yours. We tolerate that person for whatever reason but do we really want them around? I’ve been thinking about rules of etiquette regarding friendship. Here are a few I think are vital to continue receiving phone calls, invites and other friendly gestures.

Boundaries. We all need them. Boundaries maintain a clear line of respect. When I think back to my past, most relationships were broken because boundaries were not established. It’s up to you to let people know what your limits are. You can’t make everyone happy.

Cheer your friend on! I don’t know about you but if my girly tells me she is making a life change like moving in with her guy, contemplating marriage, applying for a new job, whatever, I will ask two questions: are you truly happy with the situation? What does your gut tell you? Depending on the situation, I will listen, be supportive and offer my advice if wanted. It’s important not to make your friend feel like talking to you was a mistake. Also, try to keep the negativity to a minimum. No one wants to be burdened with senseless complaints about life. Be mindful of your language. Keep it positive.

Compromise. Listen, we all have busy lives. However, we need to make time for the people we care about. Yes, you may be tired from work but if your friend can only do dinner on a Tuesday night after work then you should do it.

Keep secrets. If A friend trusts you with something, you better keep it in the vault or a wall can build between you. Most people value trust. No one wants to go to a friend who babbles everyone’s business.

Encourage your circle!!!!!!!! I can’t say this enough. If you call me for help, I will be there with whatever u need: a bat, words of wisdom, kick in the ass, an ear to listen, whatever. I expect the same in return.

Guy friendships vs. girl friendships are so different but that’s another post entirely. What I love about some bromances is they encourage each other. Whether its to talk to a girl or finding a new job, they aren’t in competition like women are. That sucks. I see so many women tearing each other down instead of lifting one another. Do not forget your friends go to you because they need support. Most of the time, you are your own worst critic so when you are feeling crummy or you want to share amazing news, you are not looking for criticism. You are looking for your friend.

What do you think makes a valuable friend?
Thanks for reading 🙂


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