5 ways to incorporate flowers into your life this summer

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Flowers are colorful, vibrant and generally represent all things beautiful. I love that there are so many different types of flowers and meanings. A daisy represents innocence, hope. Lilacs symbolize joy of youth. Zinnias signify thoughts of absent friends which I found most interesting.

Why don’t you figure out what your favorite flower means and find a way to incorporate it into your life? You can read more about the meanings of flowers here.

Here are five ways you can use flower magic to dd some zest into your summer adventures.

Wear a floral dress! This one from Forever 21 is fabulous. And it’s only $29.80


Plant a garden.

flower garden

According to Hawaiian tradition, wearing a flower in your hair alerts others of your romantic status. If you wear the flower to your left it means you are taken or married! On the right…you are single andloving it.

drew barrymore flowers in hair

Add flowers to your food recipes. I know, it sounded weird to me at first. Certain flowers are actually healthy for your diet. They have high amounts of vitamins A and C. I’m not saying to pluck a few roses from your garden and eat raw. Read this for more information on flowers nutritional value and cultural history. The site even has a yummy recipe for Dandelion tea.

Last and definitely not least, get a flowery, colorful manicure or pedicure, if your work environment frowns upon bright manis.


purple flowernails










This list post was created to enter in IFB’s Project #100. Read more about it here. I have to thank IFB for always coming up with cool projects. This is the third time I enter a post for one of their projects. Congrats to reaching 100 posts! I was included in one of their project roundups that won me free entry to their September 2012 IFBCON. That was the highlight of my month. Check out my IFBCON 2012 posts. It was my first taste of seeing what being a blogger really is. P.S. You leave there with mad inspiration!





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