Summer Wishes

Central Park blossom, motivation, purple flowers, New York City, inspirational life tips

Central Park blossom

I can’t believe June has arrived.  I’ve never been a fan of summer.  Mostly because NYC humidity makes me want to lock myself in an air conditioned room and refuse to come out until I see Autumn leaves.   When you think of summer, you tend to think of the beach, bbqs, vacation, refreshing cocktails.  When I think of summer, I think of humidity, sweating before getting to the subway and having to work while everyone else seems to be off to the beach.  Damn, that sounds bleak.  I refuse to be the Grinch of Summer this year.  I am going to try to fill this summer with fun experiences and unforgettable memories.  That includes saying yes to invitations during the work week especially if I want to go home and relax in front of my ac.  I am too young hopeful  to place limits on myself as I described in my previous post.

Summer wishlist:

 Attend a free outdoor movie screening

 Buy a fresh bouquet of flowers (peonies are my fave)

 Create a fairy garden

 Visit a beer garden

 Enjoy sunrise while enjoying a cup of coffee

 Outdoor photoshoot

 Cancun vacation

 Finally visit Ms. Liberty (reopens July 4)

 Wear colorful, flowy skirts and dresses


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