Saturday Thoughts

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Hello loves

Just wanted to wish you a pleasant weekend. It is gloomy with scattered thunderstorms here in New York City. This weather can be depressing but I say pish tosh Mother Nature! Let’s make the best of this hard-to-dress-for-weather.

If you want to go outdoors, grab a pair of cute rain boots and a bright umbrella and see where the wind takes you. If you don’t want to stay home but loathe the rain, grab a friend (or go solo) and head to the theaters to see Iron Man 3 or whichever film tickles your fancy. What I really want to do is stay home in my jammies and curl up with Pepper (my cat) and watch old reruns of Friends or Charmed (hey, this is a judgement free zone).

Whatever you decide, enjoy. Don’t let this weather bring you down!



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