How to Plan a Successful Girls Trip


I’ve taken enough girly vacations to know the ingredients necessary for a successful trip.  On my most recent girly journey, I went to California (LA to San Fran) with my two good friends, Nyssa and Ingrid (pictured above).  You have no idea how excited I was.  I’ve wanted to go to California since I was a tiny person.  Okay, I’m still tiny but watching Charmed when I was younger sparked my interest in the Golden Gate Bridge and the lovely Charmed Manor.  Also, my mom was born there.  Naturally, I wanted to visit this magical place.  I am now truly in love with Cali.  I have lots of photos to share with you in coming posts. Enough rambling…here are my tips for a lovely trip…

  1. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Decide what type of trip it’s going to be. Is it a club/going out trip, sightseeing, or relaxation on the beach?
  2. Create an agenda ahead of time. Research cool places to visit and surrounding areas to eat. This minimizes the stress of research during the trip.
  3. If it is a road trip, print directions beforehand just in case your GPS loses satellite signal or your cell phone batter dies (both of which happened to us).
  4. Pack realistically. I understand indecisiveness but try to pack 2 pairs of shoes that go with more than one outfit.  Also, pack more tops then bottoms so you can mix and match.
  5. Choose the right people. I’ve been pretty lucky on my girly trips. It’s natural to have a group of girls together for a straight week and not everyone get along every minute. Just have in mind, you want personalities to mesh. Fun, responsible and considerate is what I think of in an ideal traveler.
  6. Be mindful. A girly trip  is a time to get to know each other on a different level.  Be prepared to spend and split dinner bills, gas, etc. Patience, an open mind and a thirst for adventure are key.
  7. Take advantage of every opportunity. This is the time to relax and enjoy without thinking of work, stress,  etc.  If the opportunity presents itself to dance your booty off on a stage…do it. If you’re anything like me, have a book of fun life questions handy to take it to a deeper level (don’t forget the wine.
  8. Take videos. I can’t reccomend this enough. Pictures don’t capture a silly moment like avideo can. Wouldn’t you wanna relive that time a group of gals couldn’t figure out how to release the emergency brake on a hilly San Fran street? Or was that just us? 😀

The_Halliwell_Manor Unfortunately, a day after leaving LA, we found out the Charmed Halliwell Manor’s actual location is in LA (not San Francisco) close to where we stayed =(  I should have researched. Lesson learned.


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