My 5 Beauty Commandments

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I am guilty of taking my face for granted. I don’t always treat it the way I should and have the audacity to complain about breakouts and dullness. Shame on me because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about skin care, it’s to keep a consistent routine. I don’t know about you but Spring gets me in the mood to revamp everything in my life. My routine, wardrobe, cell phone case, closet, you name it. Below are my 5 beauty commandments I am trying to follow this season.

pink-flower Wash face every day. You should wash your face twice daily. Depending on your type of skin, you can splash your face with just cold water in the a.m. My friend told me this trick for oily/combination skin. I usually use Cetaphil (buy here) but I just bought this botanical cleanser by Pink Papaya. This winter screwed my face. I’m usually oily/combo but even after moisturizing I got dry patches on my face (not fun) so I switched to a creamier, moisturizing cleanser that still kept my sensitive skin from breaking out. This commandment is most important to remember on days you come home exhausted and want to hit the bed before removing your makeup.

pink-flowerSpend time looking for the right moisturizer. Keeping your skin type in mind is also important here. If you have oily skin or tend to break out like I do, stick to noncomedogenic products. I also have sensitive skin so looking for a moisturizer with natural ingredients is important. If your face tends to feel super dry right after cleansing, consider using a creamy, heavier moisturizer. Remember the moisturizer you use in the summer may not work for cold winters so you may have to switch up depending on season. Recently, I purchased Neutrogena’s Naturals Multi Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer and I am loving it.

pink-flowerOrganize my beauty products. I really struggle with this because my morning routine tends to occur in different parts of my apartment. Setting up shop in one space will save me so much time and frustration in the morning. Something you may forget to do: toss expired products! Using an expired product can spread bacteria. Also, products get dull after a while. Here is a great guide to know when to toss expired beauty products.

pink-flowerCleanse brushes. A major cause of acne is the spread of bacteria. I’ve read cleansing brushes at least once a week is essential. However, I think it depends on how often you use your makeup brushes. I’m going to be realistic and aim for every other week. Also, if you use some brushes for applying different products, not cleansing them can mess with the original color. You can use a gentle shampoo mixed with water to cleanse brushes. I use Johnson’s baby shampoo.

pink-flowerDon’t overload on products. Less is more. Too many products can cause irritation. I like to keep it simple and classic.



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