It’s all in the stars


I stumbled upon this interesting site forecasting Libra horoscope for 2013.  For me, it was on point!  Check your sign’s forecast here.  For those of you who think horoscopes are silly, that’s fine. Check it out for fun or whatever.

Here is an excerpt from my horoscope.


“You’ve certainly walked the gauntlet with Saturn in Libra over the past three years, but in October 2012, Saturn finally bid you adieu, and he won’t be back for 29 years. Although the past three years were difficult, you gained a great deal from the experience, and you are now stronger, more confident and feeling more seasoned than ever before. Saturn makes us feel grown up, no matter what age we happen to be at the time he comes by.”

Regardless of what horoscopes predict, you create your own path.  I predict this year is going to be absolutely refreshing.  You wait and see 😉

Have a lovely night.  I’m going to bed.

xoxo, Kay


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