First off, Happy New Year! I wish you all lots of smiles and happy moments.  2012 was a year of transition for me. Some of my relationships flourished, while others dissipated.  I moved into a new apartment with my boo which has been a fun and educating experience, so far.  This year I am looking forward to greatness.  I called 2012 the year of purging.  If something in your life doesn’t make you happy or isn’t useful then it shouldn’t be there.  Simple as that.  You write your story so make sure you are going to look back and love what you see.  Obviously, life isn’t all cherries and chocolate, but hopefully your outlook is positive.

If I fulfill them or not, here are my resolutions for 2013, or should say goals:

  • Get fit by Summer-> exercise at least 2xs a week…already failing in this lol
  • Always eat breakfast-> make veggie and fruit smoothies a day before
  • Prepare my own lunch at least 3xs a week
  • Save at least 10% of my check-> and forget I have it
  • Buy ONLY what I need-> today I bought stuff for DIY projects =/
  • Visit California
  • Blog more frequently
  • Have an amazing and memorable Summer
  • Strengthen my girly friendships
  • More family time!

So, those are some of the many things I’d like to accomplish this year.  Did you make 2013 resolutions or do you think they’re silly? If so, please share some of your own =)


Feel free to share your thoughts

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