New Beginnings

New gal pal, Kat from Isn’t her DIY camera strap fab?!

Thanks to IFB, I met a new friend and fellow blogger, Kat.  It was lovely meeting you.  Thanks for hanging out with me in a sea of the unknown =)

In an earlier post, I hinted that I wanted to take Charisma in Bklyn in a slightly new direction.  I still want to blog about fashion and style, but now I want to incorporate self care.  Self care is something I feel strongly about.  I like the idea of it but I don’t put enough energy into practicing it.

Healthy food recipes, exercise routines (my struggle), time management, balancing personal/work/social life is what I will be incorporating into Charisma in Bklyn.  I like to toy with change.  It’s fun.  Isn’t life about evolving and experiencing new things?

My goal is to try something new every month.  I will try yoga, eating at a new restaurant, meditating and anything else that will make me happier (and healthier) in life.  I will tell you all about my new experiences here.  I hope you share your thoughts as I am interested to hear what things you do to live a happier, healthier life.

Until next time…


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