Southern Belle vs New York Sophisticate

I love the show Hart of Dixie. I’m glad the CW decided to bring it back this Fall.  It has a quirky charm you don’t see often.  The fashion on the show is pretty great.  Each character’s style genuinely represents their personality.  Both characters represent very different cultures.  There’s Lemon, small town socialite from the South and Zoe, chic doctor from NY.  

Lemon Breeland: Southern Belle
                             —Flowers—Dresses— Polka Dots—Vintage Jewelry— Retro—

Lemon style

Source photo


Dress like Lemon:

You Are Cherry Welcome Dress

People Tree Lora Coral Dot Dress, shop here 
Gold Heart Necklace, shop here



Zoe Hart: New York Sophisticate

Source photo

Source photo

Dress like Zoe:
Leather skirt

Zip detail satchel, shop here
Striped sweater



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