NYC Heat Wave Summer Essentials: Dresses under $25

If you’ve been in New York the last few days you will most definitely empathize with not knowing what to wear on a scorching summer day.  Honestly, I’ve contemplated moving to a cooler climate because the heat and humidity makes me irritable.  Okay, I’m leaving Exaggeration Station (ES) now…

Below you’ll find some cute, airy dresses you can wear to keep you cool during the summer months.  I’m definitely stocking up on these…

Polka Dot Slit Halter Dress $17.80 @ Forever 21
This dress is for the retro gal in you.  You can’t get any airy-er than a halter top.  Pair with flats, wedges or heels to dress up.
Sleeveless Lace Dress $24.99 @ H&M
This lightweight dress is perfect for summer days.  This is definitely on my want list.  Available in colors: mint (shown here), black and white.  I want all three!  
Ruffled Racerback Dress $8.80 @ Forever 21
This is a super steal of a dress!  It’s lightweight, colorful and girly.  Available in Coral (shown here), Grey and  Midnight Blue.
Marlene Dress from $48 to now $15 @
The print, color and texture is great for summer.  Keep accessories simple to show off the greatness of this dress.  
Which dress was your favorite??

Feel free to share your thoughts

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