A blazer makes all the difference

Blonde Blonde chiffon shirt
£10 – bankfashion.co.uk

H M tailored blazer
£25 – hm.com

Forever 21 vintage skinny jeans
$11 – forever21.com

Forever 21 peep toe shoes
$27 – forever21.com

Braided belt
£7 – fashionunion.com

Square sunglasses
$32 – topshop.com

H M clutch handbag

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s style usually has a bohemian twist to it.  Here, she leans towards a more classic vibe with fun accessories.  A well tailored blazer makes this outfit perfect for transitioning from day to dinner with the gals or happy hour. I compiled a budget friendly post if you want to reenact this fresh look.  I need to update my wardrobe by adding more blazers.  Sticking to neutral colors (black, grey, cream) is best for wearing with prints and solids.  You’d be surprised how one can change an outfit from being comfy-casual to sophisticated just by adding a blazer and heels (or flats).

Below are some links on different ways to wear a blazer.  Enjoy!





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